Want to make your eye look bigger: these tips for you

Whether you want to make your small eyes look larger or you want to make your eyes really pop, there is a number of makeup techniques that will do that for you. None of them are particularly completed, but like all good make-up, it may take a bit of practice to perfect them. There is nothing you can do about the actual size of the eyes you were born with, but you can do a lot to make them look larger. Here are ten makeup tips that will show how to make your eyes look wide awake and much bigger.

1. Keep your eyebrows in shape

Regular eyebrow maintenance will help keep the focus on your eyes and make your eyes stand out more. You can have bold eyebrows and still make your eyes the centre of attention, just make sure you keep your brows well-trimmed and they’ll have a natural looking shape. If you let them get unruly, they will make your eyes look smaller and people will notice your brows more than they notice your eyes.

2. Curl your lashes

You can open up your eyes and make them look bigger by paying some attention to your lashes too. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and use mascara to really give you that wide awake look. You can make your lashes curl better if you warm the eyelash curlers up a little bit with a blow dryer before you use them. The curl will last longer too, if you do that.

3. Conceal dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes will make you look tired and they will make your eyes look smaller, so use a concealer to brighten up that area of skin. The best shade of concealer to cover dark circles will be one that has undertones of the opposite colour to the discoloration. For most people, that will mean a shade of orange, like salmon, peach, or coral.

4. Use eyeliner on only half of your lash line

There are quite a few ways that you can use eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger and you will have to experiment to find which technique works the best for you. One thing to try is applying eyeliner to only the outside half of your lash line. This can be done on the upper and lower lash line or just the lower. What works the best will depend on the shape of your eye.

5. White eyeliner

This is one of the oldest tricks on how to make your eyes look bigger and one that you will see many models on the runways using. Applying a small amount of white eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes will make the whites of your eyes look whiter and your eyes look bigger.

6. Emphases the middle of your eyes

You can make your eyes look wider by thinking about how you place your eyeshadow. The trick that makeup artists use is that they concentrate eyeshadow on the middle section of the eyelids and they then blend it outwards to the edges. That has the effect of emphasising the eyes and making them look wider.

7. Add shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes

You can also add more light to the inner corners of your eyes with a little bit of shimmer and that will draw attention to that area if the eyes and make your eyes look larger. You don’t need a lot of shimmer to make this work, just enough so that it catches the light every now and then.

8. Use eyeshadow to its best effect

Think about how you place your eyeshadow as much as you think about the shade that you use.  For example, if you make your eyeshadow go all the way up to the outer edges of the crease in in your eyelids, it will make the eyes look a lot bigger. Experiment with the placement of eyeshadow as well the other tips we have given you here.

9. Make colours pop more

Washed out colours have the appearance of a shadow and so they will make the eyes look smaller. To get the very best colour out of your eye makeup, apply a matte nude eye shadow first and then apply the coloured eyeshadow on top of it. The nude eyeshadow will create the perfect base and make the coloured eyeshadow really stand out, which will make your eyes look more awake.

10. Experiment with mixing colours of eyeshadow

You can open eyes and make them look bigger by applying a lighter shade of eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyelids. This works in the same way as using white eyeliner in the inner corners. Choose colour that compliment the natural colour of your eyes and choose the lighter shades. You could also try a small dab of white eyeshadow in the inner corners and see of that makes your eyes look bigger.


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