45 Cute Toe Nail Art Ideas For Summer

In this post below you can see  45 Cute Toe Nail Art Ideas For Summer. Beside it we share with you some interesting facts about your toenails
 Toenails are made of the same dead skin tissue as fingernails but are two to three times thicker.
Toenails are quite thick due to friction and fungus. In general they also get quite the rough ride having to put up with woolly socks, tight shoes, and being stepped on.
 We recommend cutting toenails straight across and NOT curving the ends. Refining the ends with an emery board to lessen the sharp points at the nail ends is better than cutting them down with scissors. Another option is to gently lift the ends of the nail and place a small ball of cotton under them to help the nail stay flat and prevent it curving downwards.
 The most common reason a toenail falls off is due to a certain contagious fungal infection.

 You might think your toenails look super clean but they are not
"Even if you think your toenails look clean, they are microscopically filthy almost all the time," Mende and Thompson explained.
IPFH recommends washing your feet (including toenails) at least once a day in lukewarm water with a mild soap, drying thoroughly, especially between the toes.
 Toenails are basically human claws.
 Some research suggests toenails help us to balance.
Toenails assist in proprioception, which is a complicated name for the sensory mechanism that helps us interpret our surroundings and maintain our balance.
 Then there are those evil bastards: ingrown toenails.
If you leave your ingrown toenail untreated the deformed skin attempts to protect itself by becoming inflamed. Inflammation may escalate into an infection, which can then lead to pretty intense pain.
 Sometimes, toenails turn black.

 The second-most common reason a toenail falls off is injury.
 Fungi and bacteria lurk between our toenails and the skin beneath them.
There are 125,000 sweat glands in each foot, which means we're basically wrapping our feet in very moist, warm enclosures every day. This makes it a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria – which can result in infections and, at a minimum, smelly feet.
 Toenail polish CAN discolour your toenail.
 There's also a condition called yellow toenail syndrome.


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