Top 10 Makeup Tips For Round Faces

Do you have a round face with not-so-sharp features? Don’t worry. You too can look extremely gorgeous by accentuating your natural beauty. All you need to do is to learn about the right beauty tips that can help you accentuate your traits without exaggerating the circular shape of your face. Check out the top 10 tips that will help you immensely in flaunting your most wonderful features

1. Apply a Darker Foundation for Better Contouring:

Round faces needs to be well-contoured for getting an oval appearance. Only a shade that is darker than the original skin tone can redirect the attention to other parts of the face from its edges. Hence, opt for such a foundation shade and apply it to your temples, jaw line, cheekbones, etc. to make those regions subtle. With the help of a sponge, blend the foundation properly so that no line remains visible and your face looks comparatively longer. This is the best among the tips for round face.

2. Use a Lighter Foundation for the Centre of Your Face:

The inner areas of a round face should be more prominent, which can be achieved by using a shade of foundation that is either similar to or lighter than the actual skin tone. Apply it in dots around the eyes, between the brows, and at the innermost parts of the chin, nose and forehead. Then, blend the dots carefully to lighten down the skin of those sections.

3. Grab a Mineral Face Powder for a Perfect Finish:

After contouring, the entire look should be sealed with a high-quality mineral face powder. A shimmering one would be the best for this purpose and try to apply it all over the face with a fluffy brush. This way, the lighter sections of a round face can be highlighted more effectively.

4. Choose the Right Highlighter for Angular Illusion:

Women with round faces can create an amazing angular illusion for their looks by choosing the right type of highlighter. A product that is two shades lighter than the normal skin tone of the user is always the ideal selection. Apply it to the midpoint of the forehead as well as chin to bring them forward and form the perfect angles on your face.

5. Make the Selection and Use of Blush Wisely:

When it comes to using blush on a round face, a light-shaded one (such as brownish peach) should be the first choice. Those who want to make their faces appear a bit longer by using blush then, you should apply it right under the cheekbones followed by upward strokes towards the temples. Application of blush to the apples of the cheeks is a strict ‘no-no’ for round faces. You should also avoid circular motions to give yourself a high-cheek boned appearance.

6. Draw Attention to Your Best Facial Features:

The best features of a round face must be highlighted with the application of right cosmetics. For eyes, dark liners, shadows or mascara can simply do wonder. Instead of drawing thin defined lines, create a soft smudged look with your eye liner. In order to make your eyes pop, apply a lighter shadow to the inner corner of your eye lids and a darker one to the outer corners. Putting on a dark lip colour can also be a great way to display your round face properly. Moreover, use a lip gloss at the centres of your lips to get a more dramatic look.

7. Create Arch Lines by Shaping Up Your Eye Brows:

Never ever go for flat or straight eyebrows if you have a full round face. It will not only give your face a more rounded appearance but also make your head look much bigger and heavier. Rather, go for curves and shape up your brows in such a manner that they create perfect arch lines.

8. Pick Styles to Give Proper Elevation to Your Hair:

Try to avoid too long or too short haircuts as they are not perfect for round faces. Chin length hair cuts, heavy straight bangs, round hairstyles with much volume around ears, etc. can also spoil your entire look. Opt for layered styles or side swept bangs which can truly complement your face. Your hair must have enough height and slenderizing sides to balance your complete look.

9. Stay Away from Wearing Big Chunky Ornaments:

Huge heavy jewellery is a strict ‘no-no’ for round-faced beauties. Try to replace them with medium-sized ornaments featuring geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, etc. This will create an angular appearance for the round shape of your face and give you a more sophisticated look.

10. Reconsider the Shapes of Your Glasses or Shades:

Apart from makeup, hairstyle and jewellery, the shape of eye glasses can also have a huge impact on the look of a woman. Those who have round faces should always pick square or rectangular frames instead of round or oval ones. This will give them a great angular look. However, the rims of the frames must not go past the cheekbone regions as it makes round faces look even wider.

So, just glam up with these exclusive makeup tips for round faces and stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget to share your comments below.


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