10 Beyonce Pictures Without Makeup

Beyonce opts for a simple black outfit with blue shoes and bag to go with. We did not find the outfit that extraordinary but we aren’t complaining either. Her persona and attractive face adds all the attention this look needs. After all, it all comes down to being beautiful, naturally.

Trust Beyonce to surprise you each time with her lovely looks. We love the polka dotted number that she is sporting here with a somewhat lose bun. What we love even more are those chandeliers inspired by our Indian designs. Blessed with a natural dusky complexion, Beyonce pulls off this attire with panache and that too without makeup!

We applaud for Beyonce’s choice of yellow hot pants, with yellow tee and fitted jacket. The outfit looks simply smashing paired with those natural blonde curls and contrasting clutch. Her glowing skin and smile replace makeup more than perfectly.

White sleeveless top and white pants to complement her perfectly radiant face and blonde hair is all that Beyonce needs to bring the house down.


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