10 Things girls like to hear

What girls like to hear? Sometimes guys just feel like whatever they say, it’s going to be wrong! So much so, that sometimes all they have left to say is an exasperated: “What do you want me to say then!” Well, guys, here is a list of some of the things that girls love to hear. Make a note, it will come in handy one day!

1. You’ll make a wonderful mother

Most girls plan to have kids at some time and, even those who don’t, would still like to feel that they have the qualities it takes to be a mother. The problem is though that no one really knows, if they’ll be good at the job, until it happens, so a bit of reassurance on the matter will always be well received.

2. You will always be the only girl in my life

Reassure that you are committed and that you are never going to stray. This will be a great boost for her self-esteem and make her feel special. Everyone worries, a little bit, about their partner being unfaithful, so put her mind at rest on this one, but make sure that you mean it!

3. You’re my best friend

She also wants to know that she means more to you than a partner for bed time. Telling her that she is your best friend and the true love of your life will make sure that she knows you appreciate her for more than just her good looks.

4. You look fabulous today

Things girls like to hear are simple. She desires compliments. She wends all that time in the bathroom for your benefit as well as her own, so let her know you appreciate her efforts. Everyone likes a compliment, so don’t take for granted that she always looks good, make sure to tell her.

5. Wow! That was incredible!

Don’t forget to show your gratitude in bed either! Telling her that she is great and praising her performance in bed will not only make her feel wonderful, it will also encourage her to be bold, and try new things the next time.

6. What do you think?

Asking for her opinion will show that you respect her views and that what she wants is important to you. Don’t just take all the decisions without asking her, she quite likely has some advice that will help, and a feminine point of view can put a different perspective on many things.

7. I’m so lucky to have you

If not for her, the world would be a duller place. What a fantastic way of telling the woman in your life how much she means to you. Mean it though, or it will just sound hollow, but if the sentiment is true, it’s just what she will want to hear.

8. I need a cuddle

Another one of things girls like to hear is that you want to cuddle with her. Guys rarely admit to needing anything, so ask her for a cuddle and she will know, for sure, how important she is to you. It shows her that, when the going gets tough, it’s her, and only her, that you turn to.

9. Let’s go shopping!

Most guys just hate shopping, with a passion! This is not saying that you want to go shopping but it is saying: ‘I want to go shopping with you, because I know that you enjoy it.’

10. I love you

When you say these words and you really mean it, then that is when a girl’s heart will definitely melt. We are not talking about the flippant, “love you”, as you are walking out the door with your buddies. We are talking the “I love you” moments, when it comes out of nowhere, out of the blue, you really mean it, and she knows it.


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