Top 10 Night Makeup Tips

While you may have brought that stunning dress home and matched your heels and accessories, unless you’ve got that one thing absolutely bang-on, chances are, all this may not be enough. If you’re headed for a nightout, you’ll need more than just the perfect dress and accessories to glam you up. What you really need to focus on now is the perfect night makeup that will enhance your overall appearance and give you that extra glamour that you need for your nightout.

From subtle and sober to bold and vibrant, following certain night time makeup tips and ettiquettes will help you achieve any desired evening look with ease.

Night Makeup Tips For A Special Occasion:

1. Glowing Complexion:

Applying a shimmer/highlighter-mixed tinted moisturiser as a night makeup base not only helps hydrate and liven up dull, dry skin but also brightens the skin to give a radiant and clear complexion.

2. Even, Flawless Skin:

A flawless and even complexion is essential to brighten up any makeup at any time of the day, especially if you’re headed for a night out. Use a foundation and concealer on the face and neck to hide dark circles, patchiness, blemishes and other skin imperfections. Make sure you choose the shade that is closest to your natural skin tone. This will help even out the skin and help you show off your makeup better. The most important of all the makeup tips for night party.

3. Shimmer And Shine:

Add a sweep of bronzer along your contour lines. Add some shimmer powder over the cheekbones, on the temples and collarbones after applying foundation. This will help add glitter on the face and create a glamorous and radiant evening look.

4. Blush And Flush:

Flushed cheeks add beauty to the face and selecting the right shade of blush is vital to create the perfect evening look. Cream blushes are soft, natural and subtle and should be used instead of powder blushes for an ideal night makeup. Plum tinted blushes for darker skin tones, terra-cotta shades on medium-to-tan tones, coral shades for fair-to-medium tones and rosy pink for fair skin tones work best.

5. Classic Smoky Eyes:

If you’re going for a smoky eye look, make sure you couple it with a subtle face and lip make up. Black eye pencil or kohl should be used to line the upper and lower eyelids, casually blended or blurred properly, followed by eye shadow on the crease of the eyelid to give that perfect classic smoky look to your eyes.

6. Long And Dense Lashes:

Bold and beautiful eyes are essential to create the right evening look. Dark and long eye lashes make eyes more prominent and well defined. Mascara should be applied appropriately on the eye lashes to make them look lengthy and thick. False lashes can also be used to create an almond shaped or doe eyed look. Applying light mascara helps it blend with the original lashes and avoids the artificial look.

7. Lining The Eyes:

A smudge-proof, water proof eyeliner helps properly highlight the eyes and lashes for an evening makeup. It makes your eyes look bigger and brighter while defining the lashes and edges of the eyes properly. Wearing a cat eyeliner or winged eyeliner in the evening make the eyes look bolder and more beautiful.

8. Right Eye Shadow:

Apply jewel toned eye shadows like aqua, green, hot pink, gold and silver on the eyes and avoid the creases. You can combine a darker shade of eye shadow and gel eyeliner to go with your smoky eyes. For a subtle look, go for light metallic shades like champagne white, silver and bronze. Add a dash of silver or white on the corner of the eyes to make them pop up and look bigger and brighter.

9. Bold Lips:

Subtle and subdued lip colours are definitely not your choice for an evening make up. Bold shades of hot pink, sassy red and deep plum on your lips, simple face makeup and eyes dashed with mild shadow and touched with liner will help create that perfect attention grabbing look. Remember to properly moisturize and exfoliate lips to keep them smooth and non-flaky.

10. Glossy Lips:

Smooth and lustrous lips instantly enhance your beauty. Lip gloss is an indispensable makeup accessory that makes you achieve just that. Applying neutral or tinted lip gloss over coloured or nude lips gives you the shine that will help highlight your lips perfectly.


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